Florona Bioware is a business initiative started and run by a dedicated & immensely talented team of business professionals working in different industries since years.

Mr. Bipin Zalavadia

Idea of manufacturing biodegradable tableware products sparked in his mind and he did everything in his power to take off. His experience of more than 30 years in the real estate & particle board industry makes him special and immensely important in the existence & success of our company.

Mr. Jyotish Zalavadia

A co-founder and a working partner at Florona Bioware, with many years of experience in different fields he is one of the most essential team members who takes charge and believes in leading from the front.

Mr. Mukesh Zalavadia

The co-founder of Florona Bioware, with an experience of more than 25 years in real estate, particle board industries. He’s one of our key team member in making the dream of a plastic free India come true.

Mr. Sahaj Zalavadia
(Operation Director)

An experienced, highly skilled and talented young blood in our team who likes to take challenges, provide solutions and help the company grow through putting 100% whenever the company needs.

Mr. Niyat Ganatra
(Legal advisor and finance executive)

One who is extremely confident, co-operative and always on his toes to put his inputs for growing our business. We have utmost faith on the young talent brimming with enthusiasm and bold attitude.