About Us

Why do we need to address the problem of plastic pollution immediately?

Pollution in any form is harmful to human and animal health. But the pollution which is most lethal to mankind after radiation pollution is plastic pollution. Plastics contains genotoxic material like carcinogens which is a critical contaminant and either can incapacitate human and animal bodies or can cause loss of life. There are several factors which causes environment degradation but plastic pollution is most pressing amongst them.

With the advent of world water crisis production of disposable plastics overwhelmed world capacity to dispose/recycle them. India being a signatory of United Nations’ Plastic Waste Agreement, has taken a pledge under the leadership of its current Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, to substantially reduce or ban where ever required, the production, sale and use of plastic disposable products especially plastic or thermocol dinnerware or cutleries, and encouraged the use of biodegradable dinnerware or tableware.

Inspired by the current and past initiatives of Indian Government towards making India a green and plastic free country, pioneers and founders of the business Florona Bioware LLP, Mr. Mukesh Zalavadiya and Mr. Bipin Zalavadiya has committed their time, resources and investment for production of disposable and biodegradable dinnerware made up of sugarcane bagasse.

About us:

Florona Bioware LLP is a business concern which dedicatedly manufactures and sales biodegradable and compostable dinnerware/tableware products, food packaging and cutleries in India and exporting to other nations abroad. Aligned with the United Nation’s Plastic Waste Agreement Florona Bioware LLP has developed a vision whereby the world population, specially masses in the developing countries like India, would reduce the use and sale of lethal plastics and thermocol disposable dinnerware and tableware.

Florona Bioware LLP was founded on October, 2019, with the mission of large scale production and sale of biodegradable and compostable dinnerware and tableware, ranging from bowls to plates, meal trays of various shapes and sizes to combo plates and lunch/ dinner packaging. On today’s date in India, Florona Bioware LLP is one of the largest manufacturer and seller of eco-friendly bowels and plates made up of easily compostable sugarcane bagasse which are 100 percent Eco Friendly. Florona Bioware LLP is situated in Rajkot District of Gujarat State, India, with its factory at Morbi-Rajkot Highway. Florona Bioware LLP is an ardent supporter of national mission of “Independent India (“Atmanirbhar Bharat”), and therefore it sources sugarcane husks and bagasse from Indian farmers only.

Plastic dinnerware and tableware are non-reusable neither they are compostable or biodegradable. We the entire human race, especially pregnant ladies, cancer patients and confidential patients suffering from chronic ailments, must start using biodegradable and compostable dinnerware and cutleries immediately. Plastic disposable dinnerware is not safe to use since they release harmful toxins when they come in contact with hot food or certain types of spicy foods or if they are microwaved.

Why should we use Florona Bioware’s, 100 percent ecofriendly disposable tableware?

  • Florona Bioware LLP is one of the leading disposable products manufacture in India which produces eco-friendly bowls and plates at the most affordable rate.
  • Florona Bioware LLP always have adequate stock of biodegradable tableware, which they always deliver on time. Purchasers of Florona’s biodegradable and disposable food containers never worries about stock maintenance of the disposables.
  • Eco- friendly plates and bowls of Florona Bioware is perfectly microwaveable and recyclable.
  • Florona Bioware’s biodegradable and disposable tableware are strong and sturdy, capable of holding large quantity of food mass. Further Florona Bioware’s ecofriendly food packaging are absolutely oil and water proof and hence they prevent seepage of any oil or gravy from the food plate.
  • Florona Bioware LLP offers a range of biodegradable and disposable products, to both its B2B and direct customers at attractive prices, deals and combo offers. It keeps on revising its website with several offers and deals.

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Come let’s take a baby step with Florona Bioware’s LLP and do out bit to protect health of our dear ones and alongside save the environment.