Time to Display Restraint on using Plastic Disposables!

We have been talking about this for a long time but we’ve failed to do the same! PLASTIC, Our environment’s biggest enemy has shown its adverse effects again and again but we have been continuously neglecting the fact that plastic is killing humans and other living beings too!

Some of the countries around the globe have taken actions to reduce plastic waste but still, results are not in our favor. And this has to be changed.

Single-use plastic does not only harm when it is used but also harms a lot when it is thrown in the trash…


Now, the question arises: what shall be done to reduce plastic waste?

And the answer is simple! People should avoid using plastic bags, plastic and styrofoam dinnerware, plastic straws, bottles etc. by finding the best alternative possible.

When we bring problems to notice, we shall try and find a solution too! Right?

That is why FLORONA BIOWARE is doing its part to find the best and most sustainable alternative to plastic disposable tableware products.

We manufacture biodegradable tableware products made from pure sugarcane bagasse pulp which are 100% compostable and not at all harmful for animals, birds, humans and the environment.

Have a look at this,

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We believe that the success of any business depends on the value it provides to its customers and that’s why FLORONA BIOWARE has come up with premium quality dinnerware.

Planning a party this weekend, Christmas or 31st? Make sure you eat and serve safe with FLORONA BIOWARE’S tableware products.

11” 5 CP Meal Tray

11” 4 CP Meal Tray

10” Plain Round Plate

6” Plain Round Plate

180 ML Round Bowl

4″ INCH dona square bowl