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Whether it be a wedding, music concert or corporate gathering, entertainment is must because these events give us a feeling of being together.

How? Because all of these events encourage more usage of single use plastic like water bottles, straws, cups, plates, bowls and much more.

Non imaginary plastic waste comes after these events.

You may have seen the scenario after the wedding day at a party plot or any given area where a wedding is organised.

Used plastic glasses, cups, plates and even decoration material all around! Who will take it’s responsibility is it me, you or every time we have to blame the government?

Obviously we all together as a generation have to take the responsibility and TRY TO ELIMINATE SINGLE USE PLASTIC FROM OUR LIVES.

This will — help us save our renewable resources.

  • Reduce pollution & diseases caused by it.
  • Save animals, birds and humans.
  • Reduce carbon pollution.

And more importantly, our future generations will be saved and they’ll not suffer.

Now the question is how do we reduce plastic use when we are in a social gathering like party wedding corporate picnics etc.

Dining products made up of sugarcane bagasse are the ultimate option and alternative to plastic ones.

We as a brand understand our responsibility towards the environment and thus we’re here with exceptional quality of biodegradable tableware products which are manufactured without using any kind of harmful chemicals and raw materials.

We have taken the initiative to bring the necessary change.

You have the responsibility to support and help us be successful in making this planet plastic free!

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