Benefits of using biodegradable disposables in day-to-day life

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Everything nurtured by nature is a sustainable cycle; forest food chain, life & death, plant to seed, etc. Nature works in a cycle. It has worked seamlessly for centuries before humans arrived and shattered the cyclical nature of the economy, popularly used toxic substances like plastic.

After the harm caused, don’t you think it is time to switch back to sustainability?

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A step towards change initiates from your dining table.

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Eco-friendly biodegradable plates and bowls are significant alternatives to commercial paper or plastic dinnerware. The foremost benefit of using Bioware is its positive impact on the planet. Eco-friendly tableware can be composted after use and it disposes itself within 30–90 days in the compost pit created at home or office.

The base material used for manufacturing this crockery is bagasse (made out of sugarcane). Bagasse plates and bowls are toxic-free in-process and final output. It is oil and waterproof. Therefore, it does not collapse with oily heavy items.

Saves ocean and Landmass

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Biodegradable products complete the cycle of nature by disposing themselves into land nutrients. It can replace plastic materials that are difficult to dispose of, which in result chokes aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. By reducing the dump of plastic wastes into oceans and landfills, both the major nutrition reservoirs of nature can be saved

Does not toxify your food

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For food items when coming in contact with chemical-loaded plastic, some of the toxins get mixed in the food making it a slow poison for humankind. Biodegradable plates and bowls are not just earth-friendly but are also human friendly as it causes no harm to human health. It is completely safe to use and dispose of.

Stronger than paper plates, bowls, and cups

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Paper products often aren’t the best to opt for when the served item is bulky, oily, or watery. Moreover, paper plates are loose and difficult to hold with balance. Bagasse plates, bowls, cups, spoons are well designed to hold bulky items and also provide a better grip while holding the plate.

How to compost biodegradable plates?

Before making a compost pit for the biodegradable plates, check with the packet instructions given by the manufacturers. If the product is termed as compostable, it can only be composted in commercial compost spaces purposefully created to break down compostable items. Compostable products cannot be disposed of at home.

However, if the product is termed as biodegradable, a medium-sized pit in slightly wet soil anywhere near your house can be a good pick to compost the items.

Purchase biodegradable products in India from the comfort of your home

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So, folks! Eliminate contact with harmful toxins and live up to the charisma of your beautiful catering!